arrow-meta / arrow.meta.phases.analysis.diagnostic

Package arrow.meta.phases.analysis.diagnostic

Extensions for External Classes



onIdentifyingElement val onIdentifyingElement: PositioningStrategy<KtObjectDeclaration>
onNavigationElement val onNavigationElement: PositioningStrategy<KtDeclaration>
onPublishedInternalOrphan Each element that is a witness of this strategy has an attribute that allows internal orphans to be published publicly. e.g.: PublishedApi annotationval onPublishedInternalOrphan: PositioningStrategy<KtDeclaration>


position fun <A : PsiElement> position(mark: (A) -> List<TextRange> = { markElement(it) }, isValid: (A) -> Boolean = { !hasSyntaxErrors(it) }, markDiagnostic: (ParametrizedDiagnostic<out A>) -> List<TextRange> = { mark(it.psiElement) }): PositioningStrategy<A>

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