arrow-meta / arrow.meta.phases.analysis

Package arrow.meta.phases.analysis


AnalysisHandler interface AnalysisHandler : ExtensionPhase
CollectAdditionalSources interface CollectAdditionalSources : ExtensionPhase
DefaultElementScope Default impl for element scopes based on the KtPsiFactoryclass DefaultElementScope : ElementScope
ElementScope interface ElementScope
Eq interface Eq<A>
ExtraImports interface ExtraImports : ExtensionPhase
MetaFileViewProvider Provides interception access to the internals of a VirtualFile allowing to replace its Documentclass MetaFileViewProvider : SingleRootFileViewProvider
PreprocessedVirtualFileFactory interface PreprocessedVirtualFileFactory : ExtensionPhase

Extensions for External Classes



resolveFunctionType resolves FunctionType to it’s returnTypeval resolveFunctionType: (KotlinType) -> KotlinType
returnTypeEq naive type equality where function types are reduced to their return typeval returnTypeEq: Eq<KotlinType>


intersect Given eq this function returns KotlinTypes that intersect with the returnType from the list in types. One concrete example for equality on TypeConstructor may look like this:fun <C : CallableDescriptor> C.intersect(eq: Eq<KotlinType>, types: KotlinBuiltIns.() -> List<KotlinType>): List<KotlinType>
given eq this function returns a List of KotlinType that are contained by both list and otherfun <D : DeclarationDescriptor> D.intersect(eq: Eq<KotlinType>, list: List<KotlinType>, other: KotlinBuiltIns.() -> List<KotlinType>): List<KotlinType>
resolveFunctionTypeEq defines Equality on types, where FunctionTypes are reduced to their return typefun resolveFunctionTypeEq(): Eq<KotlinType>
typeConstructorEq defines Equality on the type constructorfun typeConstructorEq(): Eq<KotlinType>

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