arrow-meta / arrow.meta.phases / ExtensionPhase


interface ExtensionPhase

An ExtensionPhase represents a subscription to one of the Kotlin compiler phases.

This reified representation enables the arrow.meta.dsl.MetaPluginSyntax as a functional interface. Once a arrow.meta.Plugin declares the List of ExtensionPhase Meta receives a value that can use in the arrow.meta.internal.registry.InternalRegistry to register to the different compiler phases.


Empty Empty identity performs no registrationobject Empty : ExtensionPhase


AnalysisHandler interface AnalysisHandler : ExtensionPhase
ClassBuilder interface ClassBuilder : ExtensionPhase
Codegen interface Codegen : ExtensionPhase
CollectAdditionalSources interface CollectAdditionalSources : ExtensionPhase
Composite data class Composite : ExtensionPhase
Config interface Config : ExtensionPhase
DeclarationAttributeAlterer interface DeclarationAttributeAlterer : ExtensionPhase
ExtraImports interface ExtraImports : ExtensionPhase
IRGeneration interface IRGeneration : ExtensionPhase
PackageProvider interface PackageProvider : ExtensionPhase
PreprocessedVirtualFileFactory interface PreprocessedVirtualFileFactory : ExtensionPhase
StorageComponentContainer interface StorageComponentContainer : ExtensionPhase
SyntheticResolver interface SyntheticResolver : ExtensionPhase
SyntheticScopeProvider interface SyntheticScopeProvider : ExtensionPhase

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