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Package arrow.meta.phases


CompilerContext The Compiler Context represents the environment received by all plugins. The Compiler Context will get more services as they become relevant overtime to the development of compiler class CompilerContext : ElementScope
Composite data class Composite : ExtensionPhase
ExtensionPhase An ExtensionPhase represents a subscription to one of the Kotlin compiler phases.interface ExtensionPhase

Extensions for External Classes



evaluateDependsOn fun <T> CompilerContext.evaluateDependsOn(noRewindablePhase: () -> T?, rewindablePhase: (Boolean) -> T?): T?
evaluateDependsOnRewindableAnalysisPhase fun <T> CompilerContext.evaluateDependsOnRewindableAnalysisPhase(evaluation: () -> T?): T?
getOrCreateBaseDirectory fun CompilerContext.getOrCreateBaseDirectory(parentPathFile: File?): File

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