compiler-plugin / arrow.meta.quotes / QuoteProcessor


interface QuoteProcessor<T, K, S>

Quote processor defines how quotes should behave related with its processing phase


map Given real matches of a quoteTemplate the user is then given a chance to replace them with new trees where also uses code as a templateabstract fun T): Transform<K>
match Returns a String representation of what a match for a tree may look like. For example:abstract fun T.match(): Boolean
process open fun process(quoteTemplate: T): Transform<K>?
transform Given a quoteTemplate value, provides a S valueabstract fun transform(quoteTemplate: T): S


Quote Quote Templates DSLinterface Quote<P : KtElement, K : KtElement, S> : QuoteProcessor<K, K, S>
TypedQuote Typed Quote Templates DSLinterface TypedQuote<P : KtElement, K : KtElement, D : DeclarationDescriptor, S> : QuoteProcessor<TypedQuoteTemplate<K, D>, K, S>

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