idea-plugin / arrow.meta.ide.dsl.editor.action / AnActionUtilitySyntax


interface AnActionUtilitySyntax


collectActionIds open fun collectActionIds(prefix: String): List<String>


AnActionSyntax AnActionExtensionProvider is in charge of the lifecycle of AnAction. AnAction can be placed, executed and composed into any workflow, throughout the whole application lifecycle. Whether on-demand by the user or as a standalone workflow. They’re able to access almost every part of the ide. In other words, AnAction contains a computation which can be evaluated multiple times at any time. When a user triggers AnAction the AnAction.actionPerformed function is executed. AnAction may have starkly different purposes, from changing CompilerConfigurations in the editor to opening UI element’s with media content. Here are a few Links to the Action System from IntelliJ’s Development Guide:interface AnActionSyntax : AnActionUtilitySyntax

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