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Package arrow.meta.ide.dsl.editor.color


ColorSettingsSyntax ColorSettingsPage goes hand in hand with SyntaxHighlighter’s. ColorSettingsPage add’s a custom page in the user Settings under “Color Scheme” and is based on a custom SyntaxHighlighter composed with SyntaxHighlighterSyntax.syntaxHighlighter. Consequently, ColorSettingsPages not only allow users to customize the colors of SyntaxHighlighter’s for a better ide experience, More importantly, they provide means, to highlight additional descriptors from the Parser or Annotator. One use-case for ColorSettingsPages, among others, is to use them as a visual template in the ide, before the actual SyntaxHighlighter is created. Therefore, a ColorSettingsPage visually enhances the underlying SyntaxHighlighter and all descriptors from the Parser and Annotator. Additionally, there are other use-cases with Themes.interface ColorSettingsSyntax

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