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interface IconProviderSyntax

IconProvider display Icon’s for Files and the StructureView. StructureViewSyntax provides APIs to create StructureViews. Check out the Docs.


addIcon registers an IconProvider. One minimal example from KotlinIconProvider, may look like this:open fun <A : PsiElement> MetaIde.addIcon(icon: Icon, transform: (psiElement: PsiElement, flag: Int) -> A? = Noop.nullable2()): ExtensionPhase
addIcons registers an IconProvider TransformIcon<A> is an alias for Pair<Icon, (psiElement: PsiElement, flag: Int) -> A?> If only one IconProvider is desired, we may use addIcons and create those Pairs with fun <A : PsiElement> MetaIde.addIcons(vararg values: TransformIcon<A>): ExtensionPhase
icon open fun <A : PsiElement> IconProviderSyntax.icon(icon: Icon, transform: (psiElement: PsiElement, flag: Int) -> A? = Noop.nullable2()): TransformIcon<A>
iconProvider open fun IconProviderSyntax.iconProvider(transform: (psiElement: PsiElement, flag: Int) -> Icon? = Noop.nullable2()): IconProvider


IdeSyntax interface IdeSyntax : IconProviderSyntax, SyntaxHighlighterSyntax, InspectionSyntax, AnActionSyntax, ColorSettingsSyntax, HintingSyntax, LanguageSyntax, LineMarkerSyntax, LiveTemplateSyntax, NavigationSyntax, SearchSyntax, StructureViewSyntax, UsageSyntax, ExtensionProviderSyntax, DocumentationSyntax, DialogSyntax, PopupSyntax, NotificationSyntax, ToolWindowSyntax, GotoRelatedSyntax, AnnotatorSyntax, ParserSyntax, ApplicationSyntax, FoldingSyntax, EditorSyntax, ResolveScopeSyntax, ResolveProviderSyntax, IntegrationSyntax

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