idea-plugin / arrow.meta.ide.dsl.editor.inspection / InspectionUtilitySyntax


interface InspectionUtilitySyntax


ArrowPath open val ArrowPath: Array<String>
ProofPath open val ProofPath: Array<String>


inspectionManager open fun PsiElement.inspectionManager(): InspectionManager
withExpectedActuals open fun KtDeclaration.withExpectedActuals(): List<KtDeclaration>


InspectionSyntax Loosely speaking, Inspection's are easily recognized as “QuickFixes” when the user hit’s a KeyShortCut for missing imports. Interestingly enough, despite calling Inspection's proverbially “QuickFixes”, IntelliJ defines a QuickFix as an aggregation of multiple Intention's. Whereas Intention's analysis your code and users can decide whether they want to apply a suggested Fix, Inspection’s improve upon that very idea and are capable to block the user to compile code at the first place. Additionally, we can scope the Fix in applyTo locally, for each instance per file, or globally to the whole project, assuming it has a universal refactoring task. There are cases, where an universal Fix, might not be obvious, but that doesn’t stop plugin developer’s to notify and direct user’s to helpful resources about this problem.interface InspectionSyntax : InspectionUtilitySyntax

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