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interface PopupSyntax

Popup’s can be created at any time. Either in AnActionSyntax, InspectionSyntax or IntentionExtensionProviderSyntax and many other places. Once the PopUp is created the user needs to call a show() method like com.intellij.openapi.ui.popup.JBPopup.showUnderneathOf, this is an effectfull operation.


balloon open fun MetaIde.balloon(f: JBPopupFactory.() -> BalloonBuilder): BalloonBuilder
balloonBuilder open fun MetaIde.balloonBuilder(content: JComponent, transform: BalloonBuilder.() -> BalloonBuilder): BalloonBuilder
open fun MetaIde.balloonBuilder(content: JComponent, title: String, transform: BalloonBuilder.() -> BalloonBuilder): BalloonBuilder
open fun MetaIde.balloonBuilder(html: String, fillColor: Color, transform: BalloonBuilder.() -> BalloonBuilder, icon: Icon? = null, textColor: Color? = null, link: (HyperlinkEvent) -> Unit = Noop.effect1): BalloonBuilder
open fun MetaIde.balloonBuilder(html: String, messageType: MessageType, transform: BalloonBuilder.() -> BalloonBuilder, link: (HyperlinkEvent) -> Unit = Noop.effect1): BalloonBuilder
componentPopUp open fun MetaIde.componentPopUp(content: JComponent, focus: JComponent, transform: ComponentPopupBuilder.() -> ComponentPopupBuilder): ComponentPopupBuilder
open fun MetaIde.componentPopUp(f: JBPopupFactory.() -> ComponentPopupBuilder): ComponentPopupBuilder

``` kotlin:ank import arrow.meta.ide.IdePlugin import arrow.meta.ide.MetaIde import arrow.meta.ide.dsl.ui.popups.IdeListPopupItem import arrow.meta.ide.resources.ArrowIcons import arrow.meta.ide.invoke import com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.PlatformDataKeys

val MetaIde.showListPlugin: IdePlugin get() = “Action to create ListPopUp” { meta( addAnAction( “Unique”, anAction( title = “Show ListPopUp”, description = “Shows one item of a ListPopUp”, icon = ArrowIcons.ICON4, actionPerformed = { e -> PlatformDataKeys.CONTEXT_COMPONENT.getData(e.dataContext)?.run { listPopUp( title = “TopLevelTitle”, sameIcon = ArrowIcons.ICON3, // every PopUp item will have this Icon popUps = listOf( IdeListPopupItem( this, text = { “Teach your users about this Component: $this” } ) ) ).show(this) } } ) ) ) }
open fun <A> MetaIde.listPopUp(popUps: List<IdeListPopupItem<A>>, title: String? = null, sameIcon: Icon? = null, canceled: () -> Unit = {}): ListPopup | | message | open fun MetaIde.message(text: String): JBPopup | | popUp | open fun <P : JBPopup> MetaIde.popUp(f: JBPopupFactory.() -> P): P | | treePopUp | open fun <A> MetaIde.treePopUp(root: TreePopupStep<A>, tree: JBPopupFactory.(root: TreePopupStep<A>) -> TreePopup = { createTree(root) }): TreePopup |


IdeSyntax interface IdeSyntax : IconProviderSyntax, SyntaxHighlighterSyntax, InspectionSyntax, AnActionSyntax, ColorSettingsSyntax, HintingSyntax, LanguageSyntax, LineMarkerSyntax, LiveTemplateSyntax, NavigationSyntax, SearchSyntax, StructureViewSyntax, UsageSyntax, ExtensionProviderSyntax, DocumentationSyntax, DialogSyntax, PopupSyntax, NotificationSyntax, ToolWindowSyntax, GotoRelatedSyntax, AnnotatorSyntax, ParserSyntax, ApplicationSyntax, FoldingSyntax, EditorSyntax, ResolveScopeSyntax, ResolveProviderSyntax, IntegrationSyntax

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