idea-plugin / arrow.meta.ide.plugins.quotes.cache / QuoteCache


interface QuoteCache

The QuoteCache provides the following functions to manipulate its underlying data structure, that stores and updates quote transformations.


size The number of source files managed by this cache.abstract val size: Int


clear Clears cache dataabstract fun clear(): Unit
descriptors All descriptors of package ‘name’.abstract fun descriptors(packageFqName: FqName): List<DeclarationDescriptor>
packages List of packages, which are managed by this cache.abstract fun packages(): List<FqName>
removeQuotedFile Removes the quote information in the cache from a source file and returns itabstract fun removeQuotedFile(file: KtFile): QuoteInfo?
update Updates the cache with quote transformations of the source file.abstract fun update(source: KtFile, transformed: QuoteInfo): Unit

Extension Functions

descriptors fun <A> QuoteCache.descriptors(name: FqName): List<A>

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