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interface LineMarkerTestSyntax

LineMarkerTestSyntax provides test methods for LineMarkerProvider. One example is in ideTest KDoc.

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collectLM collects all registered SlowLineMarkers and regular LineMarkers in the given code fun IdeTestSyntax.collectLM(code: Source, myFixture: CodeInsightTestFixture, icon: Icon): LineMarkerDescription
collects regular LineMarkers from a List of fun List<PsiElement>.collectLM(icon: Icon): List<LineMarkerInfo<*>>
collectSlowLM Similar to collectLM only that it collects fun List<PsiElement>.collectSlowLM(icon: Icon): List<LineMarkerInfo<*>>


IdeTestSyntax interface IdeTestSyntax : IdeTestTypeSyntax, LineMarkerTestSyntax, IconProviderTestSyntax, InspectionTestSyntax, ResolutionSyntax, FoldingTestSyntax, GitSyntax, GradleSyntax

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