idea-plugin / arrow.meta.ide.testing.env / IdeTestTypeSyntax


interface IdeTestTypeSyntax

IdeTestTypeSyntax ensures that each TestType is within an Idea instance and provides Tooling from IntelliJ’s Testing Environment


heavyTest HeavyTests run for each Test a full idea instance, thus are very slow, but perfect to verify MetaData related Tests, like arrow.meta.ide.plugins.typeclasses.ideSyntheticBodyResolution would need. new Signature: f: HeavyTestSyntax.(KotlinCompileEnv) -> Ropen fun <A> heavyTest(f: HeavyTestSyntax.() -> A): A?
lightTest LightTests run headless ide instancesopen fun <A> lightTest(f: LightTestSyntax.() -> A): A?


IdeTestSyntax interface IdeTestSyntax : IdeTestTypeSyntax, LineMarkerTestSyntax, IconProviderTestSyntax, InspectionTestSyntax, ResolutionSyntax, FoldingTestSyntax, GitSyntax, GradleSyntax

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