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open fun <Owner : PsiElement, Type> IdeMetaPlugin.addParameterInfoHandler(handler: ParameterInfoHandler<Owner, Type>): ExtensionPhase

registers a ParameterInfoHandler The latter is generally used to render properties and types of parameters for code insight.

//Source not found: KotlinLambdaParameterInfoHandler


Type - is a Descriptor

Owner - is the list of Parameters in the Descriptor Type

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open fun <Owner : PsiElement, Type, ActualType : PsiElement> IdeMetaPlugin.addParameterInfoHandler(actualParameters: (o: Owner) -> Array<ActualType>, argumentListClass: Class<Owner>, actualParameterDelimiterType: IElementType, actualParametersRBraceType: IElementType, argumentListAllowedParentClasses: MutableSet<Class<Any>>, argListStopSearchClasses: MutableSet<out Class<Any>>, showParameterInfo: (element: Owner, context: CreateParameterInfoContext) -> Unit, updateParameterInfo: (parameterOwner: Owner, context: UpdateParameterInfoContext) -> Unit, updateUI: (p: Type, context: ParameterInfoUIContext) -> Unit, parametersForLookup: (item: LookupElement?, context: ParameterInfoContext?) -> Array<Any>?, couldShowInLookup: Boolean, findElementForUpdatingParameterInfo: (context: UpdateParameterInfoContext) -> Owner?, findElementForParameterInfo: (context: CreateParameterInfoContext) -> Owner?, syncUpdateOnCaretMove: (context: UpdateParameterInfoContext) -> Unit = Noop.effect1, isWhiteSpaceSensitive: Boolean = actualParameterDelimiterType == TokenType.WHITE_SPACE): ExtensionPhase

registers a ParameterInfoHandlerWithTabActionSupport. One among other goal’s in this extension, is to facilitate a Mapping between Owner -> ActualType, or in other words from List<ActualType> -> ActualType. This is evident in actualParameters. Check out addParameterInfoHandlerForKotlin for a minimal example to what this extension may abstract to. The difference between addParameterInfoHandlerForKotlin and this function is that the latter is language independent.


ActualType - is one parameter of the collection in Owner

Type - being an Descriptor

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